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CoinPays stands out as a premier platform enabling seamless acceptance of crypto payments across websites, online stores, and social media profiles. Operating as a non-custodial service, it refrains from storing or handling your funds directly. With a broad spectrum of support for over 30 cryptocurrencies, CoinPays ensures minimal transaction fees, amplifying its appeal to users.


Our aim is to achieve a leading position in our industry through our innovative approaches, superior quality standards, and customer-focused service philosophy.

Umut Can Arda CTO & CO-FOUNDER

What is CoinPays?

CoinPays emerged as an idea by Umut Can Arda in early 2022 and was established to commence beta testing by the final week of March 2024.

  • We aspire to be the best service and infrastructure enabling everyone to accept crypto payments on their websites, e-commerce platforms, and social media accounts. We do not hold or store your funds in any way. Our aim is to support 30+ cryptocurrencies and offer low transaction fees

  • Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use crypto payment integration that can be seamlessly embedded into existing websites. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to accept crypto payments or crypto donations for their e-commerce stores, nonprofit organizations, or any business.

We deliver results

We provide the necessary tools and features for users to conduct all their payment transactions easily, securely, and swiftly on our platform. By offering support across a wide spectrum from cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, we continue to work towards solutions tailored to every payment scenario.

We aim not only to focus on today but also to look beyond tomorrow, prioritizing continuous development. While investing in the professional and personal growth of our employees, we consider our responsibilities to society and the environment through sustainable and ethical business practices as a top priority. In line with this vision, we strive to add value to our customers and stakeholders and leave a positive impact on their lives.


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Happiness comes with seamless payments

Co-founder at CoinPays

Umut Can Arda

"Our company strives every day to provide our customers with a flawless online payment experience. Customer satisfaction and trust are our top priorities. Our users' feedback inspires us, and we are constantly working to improve our services. We take pride in our thousands of happy customers and successful transactions, and we look forward to growing even further and serving more users in the future. "


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Multi-Currency Support

Enables users to seamlessly transact between different cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Instant Transaction Approval

Thanks to quick and efficient transaction approval, users can complete their payments instantly.

High Security Standards

Users' funds and personal information are protected with advanced security protocols.

Digital Wallets

You can securely store and manage various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, in one place. This feature allows you to make your payments quickly and easily.

Detailed Reporting and Analysis

Users can access detailed reports and analyses about their transactions, allowing them to better plan their financial management.

Flexible Integration Options

Various API integrations and e-commerce plugins enable businesses to easily integrate with their existing systems.

Trusted and used by over 100+ companies

All we do is dream and craft amazing products

We are a team of passionate and innovative professionals from various disciplines.

Umut Can Arda

Founder and CTO

Hasan Çakır

Founder and CEO

Hakan Nisgavlioğlu

Software Engineer

Ali Can Daldal

UI/UX Developer

Bilgin Girgin

Senior Frontend Developer

Göksel Bulut

Jr. Full-Stack Developer

Enes Mücahit Varan

Jr. Front-End Developer

Zeynep Şimşek İmer

Product Manager

Aslıhan İkiel

Jr. Back-End Developer

Prof.Dr. Metin Zontul


Prof. Dr. Oğuz Kaynar


Assist. Prof. Seda Karateke


Assoc. Prof. Gürkan Yüksek


Why Choose Us

With knowledge, skills & hard work

We provide the necessary tools and features for users to conduct all their payment transactions easily, securely, and swiftly on our platform. By offering support across a wide spectrum from cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, we continue to work towards solutions tailored to every payment scenario

Strategies That Work

Connect. Monitor. Automate.

All our systems are configured to operate automatically and swiftly. You can integrate all your software and receive payments with the network we support using cryptocurrency.

With a detailed management panel, you can manage all your payments, filter them, and analyze them graphically. Conduct analysis on any desired country and execute the best advertising and product management for your users.

Here’s what our amazing clients are saying

Countless satisfied customers from many platforms

The work of this team directs the technological developments in the sector. Their creativity and passion are the key to producing successful projects. The company has achieved significant success in a short time.

Andrew Simpson

Osmanlı Doğal Taş

This company is rapidly rising in the industry with its innovative approaches and solutions focused on user needs. The quality of the products and customer service they offer sets them apart from their competitors.

Tony Court


I have been using CoinPays as a payment provider for a long time now, so far everything has almost always run without any problems, there are regular updates and if a problem does occur, it has always been possible to fix it.

Mustafa Bostan


I have been using them for a month or a two now , have had a really good experience with them , also i have reported a bug or a two where the team has fixed in no time , really happy to be using them.

Rafi Saputra